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    Joe Grossi


    Road & Mountain


    Oxnard, CA


    Ventura College, Ventura, CA

Front Rangers Member Since


Favorite Rider

    Lance Armstrong, Levi Leipheimer, Andy Schleck

Favorite Cycling Team

    Front Rangers and Radio Shack Nissan Trek!

Favorite Ride

    Locally, Falcon Trail.  West side roads and Ventura to Solvang and back (150 mile one day ride)

Favorite TV Program

    Any cycling coverage

Favorite Song / Group

    I like all kinds of music, rock, reggae, jazz, alternative, most everything

Favorite Movie

    Breaking Away and Wild Hogs

Favorite PowerBar

    Anything with chocolate

Favorite School Subject

    Science and math

Additional Info

Raced road bikes back in California.  Placed 1st through 3rd in various races.  Raced mtn bikes in the 90’s.  Have participated in numerous Centuries and organized rides throughout California and Colorado.  Held the Vice President position for the Ventura County Bicycle Club in California and other positions with the club.  Helped promote and grow the club’s membership.  Helped organize and lead rides and local races for the club.  Coached and trained triathletes and cyclists improving their techniques and performance on the bicycle. I enjoy helping the kids with riding techniques and giving them lots of encouragement.  Studying for my level III coaching certificate. Managed Stan’s Bicycles for Stan Johnson, a framebuilder in California. Currently the Operations Manager at Bicycle Village, one of the major sponsors for the Front Rangers.


McCafferty Small

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