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    Kent Rapp


    Road & Mountain


    Yes, Fondu Lac, WI


    Master's Degree

Front Rangers Member Since


Favorite Rider

    Anyone who loves cycling, is passionate about their health, fitness, conditioning, and just loves being outdoors. Also, Herb Rodriguez!

Favorite Cycling Team

    Front Rangers and any US Cycling Team

Favorite Ride

    Anything in MOAB (Mother of All Bike Rides) and anywhere across the country where I can ride my touring bike and pull my trailer. Also, any ride with Herb!

Favorite TV Program

    So many rides ... so little time. News & Sports, I guess.

Favorite Song / Group

    Love Old School, but can listen to most anything.

Favorite Movie

    So many ... how can I choose? I enjoy action movies and romantic comedies. A little "mush" is a good thing once in a while!

Favorite PowerBar

    Whatever Herb's having ... but chocolate for sure.

Favorite School Subject

    Interpersonal communications. I really enjoy interacting with people and building positive relationships.

Additional Info

    I am currently pursuing my Level 3 coaching certification with USA Cycling. I believe it is important to not only have a passion for cycling, but to be as educated as possible when training and working with youth cyclists.



McCafferty Small

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