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    Ron Hargrave


    Track & Road


    Los Angeles, CA


  • California State University, Fullerton
  • National University, Sacramento, CA

Front Rangers Member Since


Favorite Rider

    Myself, or any of the Lawrence’s

Favorite Cycling Team

    Hammer Racing Team and the Front Rangers

Favorite Ride

    Any ride on the bike ... track or road

Favorite TV Program

    I’ll let you know if I find one

Favorite Song / Group

    I’m still working on this ...

Favorite Movie

    Top Gun

Favorite PowerBar

    Can’t decide, but nothing with chocolate...

Favorite School Subject

    Math and Science

Additional Info

  • I’ve been riding and racing since August, 1961
  • I raced in Europe for 2 years
  • I have National and World records in the 200 meter time trial on the track
  • I have numerous National Championships on the track
  • I’m a USA Cycling Certified Level 2 Coach


McCafferty Small

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