Team Rides & Activities 

Our programs are centered around kids riding bikes with kids; having fun together, learning, building skills, confidence, and character development through cycling.  They choose the disciplines - Road, Mountain, Track, Cyclocross and Indoor Winter training are all included with the membership.


As a quick summary, the Front Rangers activities fall into these categories:

  • Weekly rides (more below) with the disciplines group and individual coaching.
     - Outdoor rides are weather dependent.  The season is spring through fall.  CX is longer.
     - Track rides are now throughout the year - Thanks to the Velodrome cover!

  • Team meetings (Annual Kick-off, Mid Summer Party, and Fall Party, etc.).

  • Random and often impromptu rides announced via email throughout the year.

  • Big ride events -- such as the Moab Spring Break Trip, Monarch Crest Trip, and others.

  • Indoor Winter Training Sessions.  Held at the Velodrome and at CTS.

  • Individual rides and coaching sessions.  (Requests from Juniors, special events, etc..)

  • Community volunteer work (trail maintenance, community presentations, race and event support, etc..)


We maintain email distribution lists for Mountain, Road, Track, Cyclocross, and Staff.  Team rides and events are announced via email and posted on the Calendar.  Special events are also announced on Facebook.  If you have questions about an event, please drop us a line.

Our Weekly Combined Team Stats.