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The Front Rangers are lead by an awesome group of adults that range from former Front Rangers, to Parents, and to full out Racers. This provides a great opportunity for the kids due to the vast amount of knowledge that the ride leads are always willing to share. This ranges from trail etiquette, repairs, technical skills, and training for personal development to race ready. These Ride Leads are the Backbone of what makes Front Rangers possible and amazing.

Kip Biese

He has been the lead coach for the USAC Junior National MTB training camp 7 times and is an ACSM certified personal trainer. He has raced professionally in 3 continents, in Track, Road, Mountain, and Cyclocross. Kip believes rule one is to have fun and that junior training should focus on technique and skill.


Kips favorite after ride food is another bike ride.

Eldon Goates

Eldon serves as a Mountain Bike and Cyclocross coach. He is our resident engineer, Synthesis Engineering - having done a lot of design work in the bicycle industry for companies like RockShox, Spinner, Vanguard, TRP, Wickwerks and so much more. Eldon also helps with epic rides including our annual Moab trip. As a perk, he has a home shop where he is happy to teach junior riders how to maintain and repair their bikes.


Eldon's favorite after ride food is Ice Cream.

Jay Nordeen

Jay has spent the last 3 decades racing every discipline of cycling, in Europe and the U.S.  He currently races for COS racing and Pink Realty race teams.  Even with the amount of riding and racing Jay does he never loses his passion for cycling.  His son Jesse races for FRJC, which has been a motivating factor for both him and his dad.  Jay is the main ride lead for Cyclocross kids, sweeping the Mountain Bike A-group, and making lots of high speed left turns with the Velodrome Track group.


Jay's favorite after ride food is the first thing he sees.

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Mitchell Cockell

Mitchell is a mountain biking fanatic who spends as much time as possible either riding or working on bikes. Along with riding with the Front Rangers, Mitchell is a club officer/racer for the UCCS cycling team where he competes in downhill, enduro, and dual slalom races. Mitchell  can often be seen trying to find the worst, most fun, or most awkward line possible because it "keeps things interesting."


Mitchell's favorite after ride food is chocolate.

Paul Cavander

Paul is an avid mountain biker who loves getting out into nature and riding. He is a middle school teacher who coaches multiple sports, including his school's mountain bike club. He agrees with coach Kip that rule number one is to have fun! 


Paul's favorite after ride food is chips with guacamole & salsa.

Luke Burgie "El Burro"

Luke Burgie is an avid cyclist and comes from a cycling family. His father started him on road bikes Luke then transitioned to BMX, then mountain, and occasionally rides donkeys. Hence where he gained his nickname 

El Burro. Luke now races Enduro for Knolly Bikes.


Luke's favorite after ride food is Huevos Rancheros, especially when its Vance's turn to buy.

Eric Cefus

Eric Cefus is a biker, father of 2 excellent cycling juniors, husband of a biker chick, and owner of a dog that used to chase bikes. He loves helping juniors reach their full potential to ride, race, and have fun. Fun fact, he doesn’t bounce like he used to.


Eric's favorite after ride food is Sushi.

Jay Hakala

Jay Hakala is an avid cyclist that moved from Texas to COS for the mountains.  He has been a NICA coach for 4 seasons, active with multiple youth cycling organizations.  Jay's son Jayden, is an active member of the Front Rangers. Jay believes that cycling will make your life better. 


Jay's favorite after ride food Tokyo Joe's Bowl.

Drew Cavin

Drew started mountain biking in 1999 on a trip to Crested Butte. He has been riding all kinds of bikes since then and has fallen in love with mountain biking and enduro racing over the last five years in Colorado. He works for Colorado College. Drew's son Sam is an active member of the Front Rangers. 


Drew's favorite after ride food is tacos.

Ryan Foster

Ryan is the father of Sean one of our Front Rangers. Ryan has been in Colorado for 5 years so he is practically a native. He moved from Charleston SC where he thought he was mountain biking. Until he rode Palmer Park for the first time. He says "If you hang close to the coaches, they'll coach you too."


Ryan's favorite after ride foods are bananas and peanut butter -- his go-to for recovery. But pizza is the best for after almost anything.

Stephanie Foster

Stephanie’s amazing husband introduced her to mountain biking back in 1999 but didn’t realize how thrilling riding could be until she recently found her new bike, Alexander the Grape (he’s camera shy so he’s not in the picture). Alexander the Grape, her Front Ranger teenager, and the knowledgeable Front Rangers coaches are teaching Steph how to truly send it.


Stephanie's favorite after ride foods are burgers or pizza.

Paul Von Boeck

Paul is an avid cyclist, a Front Rangers Mountain Bike Coach and the team director for Highlanders Racing, a High School Cycling League team here in town. Paul first got involved with the Front Rangers when his son joined the team, and now he also serves on the Board of Directors.


Paul's favorite after ride food is Tacos.

Eric Drummond

Eric got into to mountain biking about when his oldest daughter took up riding in middle school. He has continued his enjoyment of biking and helping  his daughters school teams.  Now with both of his daughters on Front Rangers he is able to continue sharing his love for mountain biking while helping to develop the same love in others.  Although he says he mainly focuses on the beginner to intermediate because he "can't keep up with the advanced kids".   


Favorite after ride food is a big juicy burger or ice cream

Lucas Jaramillo

Lucas helps with the FRJC team as the Road Coach.  Lucas loves being on a road bike, and throughout the years of racing, his daughters wanted to participate in racing as well and joined the Front Rangers in 2016.  Lucas enjoys working with the juniors and teaching them key fundamentals that they can carry throughout their cycling life whether it be strictly for fun or competing in road races.  


Lucas's favorite after ride food is cold "recovery" fruit smoothie.

Jim Lawrence

Jim is one of our track coaches and helps with road racing, and has the results to back those titles up. He is a ten-time track national champion, a five-time world track champion medalist, and holds three national records. He has also completed 10 Iron Man triathlons and races cat 3 on the road.


Jim's favorite after ride food is airline peanuts.

Rebecca Lawrence

  Rebecca has been a level three USA Cycling Coach for four years. She is Safe Sport, CDC Concussion Training, and Red Cross CPR/AED certified. She coaches at the track and on the road and also teaches the Olympic Training Center’s "Learn the Velo" class. 


Rebecca's favorite after ride food is Firehouse Sub's smoked brisket sandwich.   

Jonathan Cavner

Jonathan is a cat 1 Road, Mountain, and Cross racer and the father of an 8-year- old daughter who also races. In 2015 he was ranked #1 for Road racing in Colorado and was the winner of the Colorado Masters State championship. Jonathan leads winter indoor training at our sponsor, Carmichael Training Systems.


Jonathan's favorite after ride food is a normal meal with a lot of protein and good quality complex carbs.

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