Comprehensive lessons on all things bike racing, riding, and training by former

Front Rangers Coach Clay Worthington, an Austraillian National Coach.

Concrete standards set by the team in regards to the most important aspect of the team: rider safety. 

Team procedure for warming up before a workout. 

Guide produced by Charlotte Miller for the team to help with on and off the bike training for Cyclocross. 

Colorado's cycling governing body, working to develop and perpetuate amateur bicycle racing in the Rocky Mountain Region.

U.S. Olympic Committee recognized official cycling governing body for the United States and a Front Rangers sponsor. 

The non-profit fundraising arm of USAC for U.S. National Teams, and Olympic development. 

Colorado Springs-based non-profit whose vision is to use bikes to build a healthy community, and get kids onto bikes, through any means possible. 

Scientific study for why helmets are essential pieces of equipment for all persons on bikes.