Join The Front Rangers!

What You Need To Know

Membership in the Front Rangers is open to junior cyclists (age 12-18 and some exceptions).  We offer rides, training, and activities in Road, Mountain, Track, Cyclocross, and Indoor Winter Training.


Our activities are intended to reach the needs of various levels of desire and ability – from beginner and recreational riders to focused race-oriented individuals.  To accommodate these objectives, we provide training and participation tiers – identified by team colors (Yellow, White, Blue) – each with a different focus.  Read about Teams and Requirements.


For more information about the rides and activities of the Front Rangers, please see the About Us page.

Cycling For Juniors

To become a member of Front Rangers Juniors Cycling, follow these steps . . .


  1. Choose your discipline(s) -- Road, Mountain, Track, Cyclocross.
    - You can join one or many.  (There is no cost difference.)


  2. Choose your color team -- Yellow (everyone), White (apply with a coach), Blue (by invitation from a coach).
    Learn More About Color Teams.


  3. Fill out the registration form located on the Sign-Up Page, then pay the annual dues (at end of form).
    - Directions are on the form.  A parent's acknowledgment is required.  Payment is linked from the form.


  4. Download, print, sign and return the signature pages.  (Link also on the registration form.)
    - Signed forms can be mailed, scanned and emailed, or handed directly to a coach.


  5. Get your Team Kit (Jersey and Shorts) ordered online at
    - Instructions for ordering are at the end of the registration form.
    - Orders happen 2 or 3 times a year, so depending on the time of your order, it may be a little while before delivery.
    - The timing for will be on the Voler website when you order.


NOTE:  A physical and doctor's release to participate is required and our form is in the download packet.  We will accept a school sports physical, a BSA physical or almost any doctor's release for strenuous activity instead of our form.  All doctor's releases must be dated less than 12 months prior to the date it is turned in.

Download Forms
What Does It Cost?

Front Rangers annual dues are according to the Color Team, and listed on the Color Team page.  In general, there is no additional cost for regular club activities, but there are exceptions, and there are costs for equipment and other events like transportation, race fees, etc..  Here is a partial list of costs that may come up during the year.

  • On some occasions activities are held in fee areas (like state parks). These events are optional.

  • Entry and participation fees for races and special events.

  • Each cyclist is required to have and keep-up their own equipment: a bicycle suitable for the discipline, a helmet, shoes and safety equipment (as needed).  Also some minimal tools, tubes, and other items to keep the equipment running.

  • Club leaders are  willing to teach bicycle maintenance and repair when juniors are interested.  This will give skills and reduce costs.  Ask if you want help.

  • A team kit is required and one is included in the team dues (see above).  Other clothing -  especially for weather related riding - is the responsibility of each member.

  • Discounts are often available through our sponsors for bicycle parts, service, clothing and equipment.

  • Some bigger activities like the Moab trip, Monarch Crest or Race travel will have costs for transportation, lodging, camping, food and other things.

In general, cycling as a sport is not cheap, but we do our best to keep those extra costs to a minimum.  Please let us know if you are aware of ways to reduce cost for our members.

Need More Info?

Membership Perks:


  • Read about our Sponsors.  We truly appreciate all they do to support the team!

  • Read about Ranger Points Cards and how to earn FREE racing (and other good cycling stuff).


Other Participation Forms:

  • If you plan to participate at Carmichael Training Systems – CTS – (indoor winter training) you'll need this form also.
    - CTS Release Form (pdf)

  • Participation at the Velodrome (Track) requires separate forms and fees from those entities.  Please contact a track coach for more info.



Parent Participation is Welcomed and Encouraged – on rides, for activities, to serve on the board, and to help in many other ways.  Front Rangers is a volunteer organization, and we sincerely appreciate parent participation.  To get involved, please contact any Front Rangers Leader.  We'll also need you to sign the WAIVER and RELEASE OF LIABILITY form.

There is No Fee for parents.