Get Involved

Active Participation (for Juniors and Parents)


We encourage all members to actively participate in Front Rangers events like team meetings, weekly rides, training enhancement presentations, special events, and service activities.  The Front Rangers exists entirely on volunteer participation - by members, staff, and parents.


Parent participation is critical! Getting children to and from events is only the start.  To keep the club functioning, we need support from both member and member families and ask each parent to commit volunteer support of at least one of our special events.  This can include things like race course marshaling, registration, food preparation, transportation for the team, serving on the board or performing a special assignment, etc.  The tasks are not difficult but will take some time.  A few hours support from everyone accomplishes great things.


The special events we support can include one or more bicycle racing events and sometimes service activities (like trail maintenance or cleanup).


Front Rangers supports cycling events like these because:

  • We are required to put on or support an event as part of our "Center of Excellence" status with USA Cycling.

  • We are required to assist with promotional events for some of our sponsors as part of representing them as our sponsors.

  • We believe in giving back.  The cycling community has made teams like ours possible, and we want to assist and improve it for everyone.