Ranger Points Cards

The Ranger Points Program is a motivational tool for junior riders to "earn" credit towards schwag, bike parts, race entries, and services from our sponsors and partners.

How It Works

Team members are issued Ranger Points Cards (as shown in the image).  As each member completes cycling activities outlined on the card, they may present the card to a coach or ride leader for initials.  When all 10 points are signed, the card may then be used as cash value in product or services from select vendors and race entry fees.


The cards are funded in part by Grants and Sponsors, so availability of cards is limited by the resources of the program. As more resources become available, this program will continue to expand.  Incidentally, if you know of sponsorship money available to assist with this type of program, please Let Us Know.


Initially, Yellow team members receive 5 Ranger Points Cards.  White team members receive 10 cards, and Blue team members receive 20 cards.  As cards are filled, please ask the coaches if there are more.  We are happy to give them out to active Juniors until they are gone.


It is the responsibility of each junior to keep track of their cards.  It is also their responsibility to present the cards to the coaches for signing.  Additionally, it is the responsibility of each junior to keep track of the cards and redeem them for the products and services they want.

Additional Participating Team Partners

Bike Shops:  Other bike shops that will accept the cards as cash, but don't give specific discounts. 

  • Old Town Bike Shop

  • Ted's Bicycles

Do You Know Someone?  If you know a business that would like to participate as a team sponsor to partner, please let us know.  We'll put them here with links.

Participating Sponsors

Sponsor Bike Shop:  Ride Co provides discounts on bicycle components, apparel, sports nutrition, and accessories.  Completed cards are accepted same as cash for Front Ranger's purchases!


WickWerks:  Great shifting chainrings and the Juniors Solution (for road racing Juniors) are available at sponsorship rates from WickWerks.  Use your Ranger Points cards to pay for all or part of the purchase.


Front Rangers Juniors Cycling:  If you'd like to use Ranger Points Cards to pay your annual dues, we'll accept those for sure!


Select Race Venues:  Some of the local race venues will accept Ranger Points cards for race fees.  The Velodrome is one, and also some of the weeknight MTB races.  If you'd like to purchase your entry fee (or part of it) with Ranger Points Cards, just ask them, or ask a coach.

Firehouse Subs:  The N. Academy, Dublin, and Austin Bluff's locations in Colorado Springs will accept Ranger Point Cards for $10.00 per card towards purchases at their locations.

Other sponsors are coming. Check back periodically and see the updates. All information will be posted here.